Bangers and Crash Percussion Sextet

Cork, Co. Cork - Ireland

SoundWaves Music Space invites 50 young musicians - any instrumentation / all skill levels - to join Ireland’s Bangers and Crash Percussion Sextet, featuring the music of composer Brian Irvine, in a spectacular surround-sound concert experience at the Everyman Theatre.

Over three days, participants will workshop, practise and rehearse with six master percussionists. 

These distinguished musicians will lead participants on an inspiring journey of auditory immersion and percussive exploration, culminating in a public performance on Day 3.

This unique project offers young participant musicians the opportunity to:

  • Be immersed in the connective power of percussion music, and explore its rich diversity and vibrant colours across various genres and cultures.
  • Work collaboratively with the Bangers and Crash Percussion on creating arrangements for the new compositions to be performed.
  • Perform with the Bangers and Crash Percussion Sextet at the Everyman Theatre, showcasing the collaborative work created in the workshops.
  • Explore percussive techniques and non-traditional instrumentation to discover innovative ways to create rhythm and texture.
  • Discover innovative concepts of immersive and surround-sound performance that transcend traditional stage boundaries.

This programme is designed to provide an exciting educational experience, enhancing the participants’ skills, creativity, understanding of professional performance, and innovative music creation.

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Day 1: Workshop & Practise
Sunday 29th September 202411:00 - 16:45 @ MTU Cork School of Music Auditorium

Day 2: Workshop & Practise
Monday 30th September 202417:00 - 18:45 @ Everyman Theatre

Day 3: Rehearsal & Concert
Tuesday 1st October 202417:00 - 18:00 & 19:00 - 20:50 @ Everyman Theatre

What You Will Learn

This unique and innovative music experience is a one-time opportunity to unleash your creativity through fun workshops and dynamic rehearsals. By joining the Bangers and Crash project you'll be part of a high-energy performance alongside Ireland’s top orchestral percussionists and performing a specially commissioned piece of music written by the renowned composer Brian Irvine.  The key takeaways for participants include:


Musical Exploration

  • Be immersed in the connective power of percussion music as you delve into rhythms, genres, and instrumentation such as African marimbas, Asian gongs, and European classical percussion.
  • Learn about the complexity and wide spectrum of percussion music.
  • Experiment with non-traditional instruments and a range of found objects to create unexpected sounds.

Creative Collaboration 

  • Develop new elements for the composition by brainstorming, arranging musical parts, and experimenting with sound selections.
  • Actively shape the musical outcome and feel a sense of ownership and achievement.

Sound Design

  • Understand the principles of creating immersive sound by exploring instrument positioning, types, and volume to achieve a 360-degree auditory experience.
  • Perform throughout the auditorium to create an atmospheric surround-sound environment.

Professional Performance

  • Gain valuable performance experience with a large ensemble in a professional setting.
  • Take part in the debut performance of a brand new composition written by Brian Irvine especially for this project.

Personal Development

  • Share experiences with peers to build self-confidence and form new connections in the local music community.

Fees & Additional Information


  • Participation Fee: €20 (a special discounted rate, thanks to the support of our partners)
  • Participation includes three days of activities, including the concert.
  • Fees are payable separately after receiving your reservation form. We will email you directly with payment options.


  • Participants will be required to bring their own packed lunch, refreshments, and drinks.

Consent Forms

  • The workshops and concert will be documented through photography and video. Media consent forms will be made available prior to any documentation.

Schedules and Materials

  • Participants will receive pre-workshop preparation notes and a timetable.

How To Apply

Who can apply:

  • Young musicians from 12 years to 23 years ~ musicians will be grouped according to their ages.
  • Any instrumentation.
  • Any skill level.
  • Good listening and concentration skills.
  • Confidence to participate and meet new people.

This project is ideal for any young musician who is:

  • wanting to take part in something musically adventurous.
  • eager to meet with other young musicians and learn from master musicians.
  • happy to work as part of a team in a collaborative way.
  • interested in percussion music and/or creating soundscapes.
  • keen to be part of actively shaping the musical outcome.
  • excited to be part of a live performance.

Registration Procedure

  • Below is the online registration form.
  • SoundWaves Music Space will be in contact with all applicants upon receiving registration forms.
  • You can open the registration form without registering to read the questions ahead of completing the form.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you will need your parent or guardian to give their consent.
  • If for any reason you are unable to complete the online application form, please email: 

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Day 1: Workshop & Practise
Sunday 29th September 202411:00 - 16:45 @ MTU Cork School of Music Auditorium

Day 2: Workshop & Practise
Monday 30th September 202417:00 - 18:45 @ Everyman Theatre

Day 3: Rehearsal & Concert
Tuesday 1st October 202417:00 - 18:00 & 19:00 - 20:50 @ Everyman Theatre

Bangers and Crash Percussion Sextet

Bangers and Crash Percussion Sextet

Bangers and Crash Percussion is Ireland's premier percussion ensemble, led by some of Ireland's leading percussionists: Alex Petcu-Colan, Emma King, Caitríona Frost, Brian Dungan, Patrick Lynch, and John Rousseau-Parlane.

Bangers and Crash Percussion explores a diverse repertoire that spans Western contemporary percussion, Afro-Cuban rhythms, Japanese taiko, Spanish flamenco, and Javanese gamelan.

With a mission to make percussion music accessible to all, their shows present a spectacular array of instruments, including marimbas, vibraphones, tubular bells, wind chimes, crotales, tambourines, and drums, as well as a fascinating array of ad hoc materials such as scrap metal, marbles, and smashed plates to create a fantasia of percussion sonorities.

The ensemble's past projects include large-scale productions for Cork Midsummer Festival and PIMA! Fest, a successful 8-date Music Network tour, collaborations with Irish National Opera, and performances at prestigious events like Body & Soul. Additionally, Bangers and Crash Percussion has conducted over 100 workshops in schools across Ireland, fostering a love for percussive music among young learners.